Library Advertising? Yes Please!


Normally when I visit a new town I love getting to see what’s happening in the local libraries. I like to walk around, pick up programming handouts, scope out how they do displays–basically get an idea of how everything looks. It also makes for fun job ideas-would I like to work at this library?

Sadly, I didn’t get a chance to look at any libraries in Las Vegas or it’s surrounding suburbs while I was there. I did however spot this awesome signage on my way through the airport on my way heading home.

I’m serious–the library really is amazing! Awesome library advertising at the Las Vegas airport.


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  1. Love it! Makes me really want to take the Marketing class Meg offered at GSLIS last spring! Keep posting things like this that you find, I am so glad someone else goes in to every library they can-even when on vacation. I’ve met some of the nicest and most dedicated people, and they are always so excited to meet new people going in to the field. Plus, doesn’t it give you hope that in many places the library is valued beyond what the public discourse and budget decisions would make one think? 🙂

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