Conference Bound!


I’ve been looking forward to this since I learned I would be going in July, but it’s hard to believe that it’s just a few days away. That’s right, I’m going to YALSA’s Young Adult Literature Symposium!

I’ve been to conferences before (Reaching Forward, ALA annual in Chicago) but this is the first time that I’ll be going to an event for my people. Teen librarian is my dream job and knowing that I’ll be in sessions with tons of dedicated librarians who are passionate about the same thing makes me so happy. [Disclaimer: Of course, being a children’s librarian is also my dream job. But I think teen librarian edges it out for the number one spot.] I’m going to be going with my coworker, our library’s fantastic Teen Librarian and my mentor. Road trip!

I’ve printed out the list of programs and trying to decide on my favorites. As of right now, these are the ones I’m most interested in seeing.

  • YA Literature and Fan-Created Work [It’s being presented by Robin Brenner, of No Flying, No Tights fame–it’s a no brainer, I have to go]
  • The Future of Review Guidance [It’s been presented by several people, one of which is Carla Riemer a classmate from my LEEP cohort 14.1!]
  • When a Book is More than Paper: Transmedia Trends in Young Adult Literature [I’m really interested in these kind of mashup style books that tell a story via multiple formats–apps, texts, videos, etc.–and I want to hear more about them.
  • Make it Pop: How to Use Pop Culture in Your Library [I’m torn between this one, because I love pop culture and this other program that’s going on at the same time: The Next Generation of Author Visits. I’d like our library to do more author visits so I think this would be beneficial. I’m hoping my coworker and I will split and each go to a different session.]
  • Get Real: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction as the Next Big Thing [I feel that title says it all.]
  • A Fickle Future: YA Authors Discuss Trend-spotting and Timeless Keys to Literary Success when Facing the Disconnect of the Digital Age [What is the future of YA lit? Are the big trends predicted or created?]

I’m anxious to hear what everyone has to say and come back with some great new ideas to improve our YA (for us, this is our middle school section) collection. I can’t wait to brainstorm with our Teen Librarian, to have tons of planning time on the drive so we can come up with some great new ideas. And I’m excited to meet a group of amazing librarians!

I plan on posting a recap post next week of what I’ve learned. If you’re interested you can follow everyone’s thoughts by checking out the hashtag #yalit12 on Twitter. I’ll also be posting on Twitter at @whirlysquirl. See you next week!


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  1. Ah! That’s so great that you have the opportunity to go to the YA Lit Symposium. The program looks fantastic. Here are my top presentation titles from the program:
    Globalize Me! Young Adult Literature from Outside the U.S.
    How to Deal: Dealing with Complicated and Diverse YA Content
    The Invisible Minority: LGBTQ Literature
    The Future of Whiteness in Young Adult Literature
    The Badging of Biracial Identity in YA Literature
    When a Book Is More than Paper: Transmedia Trends in Young Adult Literature

    But seriously, the entire program looks so good.
    Can’t wait to read your recap of the event to see what I missed.

    • That’s the problem when you have so many awesome presentations–how do you even begin to chose? I’m glad that I’m going with someone so we can split up and then compare notes. I’ll update when I return and maybe if we get handouts/web links I can post them or send them to you.

  2. Cheryl! I’m going too! I’m so excited! I still can’t believe my district is paying to send me. I haven’t completely decided which sessions I’m going to attend yet. There are so many good ones. I think I’ll definitely be going to Make It Pop and Get Real. I’ll be recapping on my blog next week as well. I’ll be interested to hear about your experience! 🙂

    • YAY!!! So glad you’re getting to go! You’re lucky that your district is sending you. I was all set to pay my own way on this (and for transportation and hotel I am) but I was happy they picked up the conference fee. Although, that is the bonus of being a student member of ALA and YALSA–the conference was only $50.

      I bet I’ll change my mind of some of the things when I get there but maybe I’ll see you at Make it Pop. Can’t wait to read what you have to say about the experience!

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  4. It was great to see you there Cheryl! I showed off all of my signed books to my coworkers today, they were totally jealous! There was so much great info, I had a blast! What was your favorite session/speaker? I really liked Social Reading: Inside the eBook Book Discussions and the Transmedia sessions. Really loved hearing from the ladies on the Fickle Future panel. I desperately tried not to appear as a fangirl when David Levithan signed my book! LOL!

    My brain is still swimming, I’m trying to review my notes and organize some thought! Hope you made it back safely, and I’ll see you in class this week!

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